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Business Hero Award 2022

Business Hero Award 2022

On 15.07.22 the spectacular evening gala event for the Business Hero Award 2022 took place in Heide. The winners were invited to the presentation of the prizes and their acceptance.

It was a special pleasure and honor for the managing partner of PeRoBa Unternehmensberatung GmbH to accept the award on the stage of the event.

According to Business Hero: “The Business Hero Award honors companies that prove themselves in their nominated category as future thinkers and visionaries. Categories include Vision, Tech, Innovation Hero, Woman Power and Sustainability, among others. The evaluation is carried out by a jury of experts who evaluate the company and the submission of the companies.” [Source]

On stage, Dr. Scherb informed the entrepreneurs present about the rough corporate purpose of PeRoBa. A relevant lecture element, which Mr. Scherb regularly uses, is the involvement of the participants in the lecture process. This was also done with the Business Hero by asking all entrepreneurs whose company has a certification or will need it soon.

Almost all those present responded as a response. Based on this feedback, the question followed as to which of the managing directors present would enthusiastically take over the resulting tasks and management reviews. Now a cross-room murmur could be heard. Probably none of the managing directors would like to take on this requirement.

This example has shown that although there is a desire for certification, there is a lack of motivation to implement it.

This is one of the interfaces at which PeRoBa Unternehmensberatung GmbH can successfully start in order to improve the understanding and effectiveness of the management systems – both for the “top management” – the company leaders, as well as for the employees.

One possibility is the further development into an agile management system with concrete added value for all participants in a company, such as a meaningful dashboard system for the managing director up to a maturity level system about the effectiveness within the company. As a result, an ROI can be displayed for the management system, among other things.

We can support this by using innovative tools, such as our in-house development iVision® to carry out remote audits. The added value of such workcan also be an alternative solution in other areas, such as the upcoming Supply Chain Act, to meet legal and specific customer requirements.

After further explanatory examples, Dr. Scherb said goodbye to the stage to the applauseof the participants present. In the subsequent get-together, many interesting and exciting conversations were held and new contacts were made.

Dr. Scherb would like to thank the organizers, in particular Ms. Pabst for the successful and professional orientation as well as the friendly atmosphere.

About PeRoBa:

PeRoBa Unternehmensberatung GmbH (PeRoBa Management Consultancy, LLC) is one of the leading impulse generators in the quality management department on a global scale. Its origins already date back to 1991. The company headquarters have been in Baldham since 2011, and there is also branch in Prinzregentenstraße, Munich. PeRoBa Unternehmensberatung (PeRoBa Management Consultancy) provides high-quality consultations, audits, and evaluations in order to support clients in introducing and implementing their management systems. On top of that, they also offer audits, QM training, seminars, and workshops.

Their innovative in-house software, the iVision® – Smart Remote Audit Solution had been on the market since January 2016 and complements our consulting portfolio.

The company’s founder and owner, Dr. Roland Scherb, PhD is an auditor, consultant, coach, and author. He is chairman of the German Federal Auditors’ Association  and an active member of the DIN e.V. working group as well as a lecturer with the TÜV-Academy.

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