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iVision® – patented solution for audits 4.0

iVision® – Smart Solutions by PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Performing audits in highly complex surroundings is becoming more and more of a challenge. Especially with respect to remote audits, the utilization of new technologies can be a path to reducing efforts and achieving one’s aims more efficiently. The auditors from PeRoBa have also been using data glasses, so-called smart glasses for performing audits for quite some time.

iVision® – Remote audits or respectively audits 4.0

With the support of this new and innovative technology, it is possible for us to reduce efforts while conducting remote audits tremendously. An employee of the respective company is then provided with our iVision® software and data glasses.
For example, an auditor is able to see the same things the coworker sees on-site with the aid of this technology. The auditor can actually be located on the other side of the world as well. Communication occurs also through the data glasses. The auditor can communicate with the employee on-site and give them instructions. This coworker performs the audit personally “on-site” instead of the auditor.
Besides, it is possible for the auditor to display visual hints and info and supplementations to the employee. For example, an area the auditor wants to inspect more precisely can be highlighted this way.
Out of this connection, proper integration with our IT system can create an audit report which is generated in an automated manner and which the auditor can further process and complete within an extremely short time.

iVision® – a brand of PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung (Management Consultancy) GmbH

This is the statement of Dr. Scherb, the managing shareholder of the PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung (Management Consultancy) GmbH on the successful milestones reached during this year:

„Our team and I are especially glad that the German Patent and Trademark Office granted us the patent for the “device and procedure for visual technical support of manual order picking processes” this year. This functionality serves as the basis for our auditing module with data glasses. As of now, Vision® is also among the best IT solutions for small and medium-sized companies! iVision® was honored with the Best IT of 2018 Innovation Award.
These are the driving forces for us to further develop iVision® and to implement customer requirements in an efficient and pragmatic manner.“

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