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Quality management in engineering and plant engineering

Optimization of the quality of processes and structures in the development and manufacturing of machines and technical plants

Quality management in engineering and plant engineering is crucial in Germany. After all, this is about defending the reputation of one of the most innovative and productive countries worldwide when it comes down to engineering and plant engineering. German machines and technical plants are sought-after all over the world and even decades-old industrial plants can be resold without any problems due to their high quality.

In order to secure this reputation, it is necessary not just to maintain existing quality management systems but also to further develop them on a continual basis. New specifications due to the ever advancing globalization but also special miniaturization requirements and the ever increasing influence of embedded systems need to be taken into account during development and manufacturing processes through appropriate quality management.

Quality management throughout all stages

It is especially important for an implemented quality management system to be as comprehensive and continuous as possible when it comes down to engineering and plant engineering. Therefore, requirements of final clients but also interfaces with suppliers and other actors involved in the process are especially focused on, aside from development, construction and manufacturing. The aim consists of an optimized overall process with just as well optimized partial processes. The value chain can solely be optimally exhausted and the highest possible quality can be achieved at reasonable use by implementing quality management across all stages.

Quality management software as an important component

Since actual and target states can be measured very easily when it comes down to manufacturing machines and plants, the utilization of quality management software is especially efficient here. As a rule, states and targets are clearly defined and delineated and that’s why interfaces can be clearly defined as well and that’s why they can be especially well optimized. Suitable quality management software helps actively to optimize efforts, costs and benefits. It purposefully avoids redundant processes, shortens standby times or idle times during all stages of product development and it ultimately also minimizes possible error sources that might lead to faulty or defective products.

Optimized quality management in engineering and plant engineering through process-oriented quality management software is one of the most efficient means for actively lowering development costs while maintaining or even increasing product quality at the same time.

Quality management consulting for the engineering and plant engineering industry with PeRoBa GmbH in Munich

Qualitätsmanagement Maschinenbau
Qualitätsmanagement Maschinenbau

PeRoBa Unternehmensberatung (Management Consultancy) in Munich supports you in a comprehensive manner with the introduction and optimization of quality management in engineering and plant engineering. We are glad to help you with the analysis and implementation of a suitable quality management system irrespectively of whether you want to obtain your first certification, a new certification or a conversion of existing certificates. We analyze and optimize your processes, your organization and your infrastructure. We perform internal audits, train employees in practically dealing with quality management and help through professional consulting with planning and obtaining important certifications (like, e.g., DIN ISO 9001, VDA 6.3 or IATF 16949).

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