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Quality management in logistics, transport and traffic

Smooth logistical processes and sustainable action

Of course, the need for quality management and hence, lean processes at reduced costs is also continually increasing in the area of logistics, transport and traffic nowadays. Supply chains are getting more and more streamlined and so-called “on-the-road“ warehousing is also becoming more and more frequent. That confronts suppliers but also logistical companies with new challenges that need not just to be taken into account but which may very well be essential for the very economic survival of companies within surroundings that are increasingly characterized by crowding out processes.

However, aspects of environmental protection and energy efficiency are all too often overlooked yet even though they ought to be part and parcel of comprehensive quality management in the areas of logistics, transport and traffic. They won’t just help to save costs but they will also strengthen the trust of clients and partners and open up new possibilities in marketing, as they enable companies to present themselves as successful, sustainable and also responsible businesses.

On the other hand, comprehensive non-stop quality management will reduce the risk of problems occurring in the area of environmental protection. Risks that result from missing legal, regulatory and administrative requirements and which can also cause bad PR may thus be addressed in a far-sighted manner and prevented to the greatest possible extent.  

Relevant standards for quality management in logistics

Aside from the practically mandatory ISO 9001 standard, there are also quite a lot of other standards which are relevant to quality management in logistics. Let’s just address the most important ones here.

ISO 39001 (the “road traffic safety management“ standard) is an ISO standard for management systems in the area of road traffic safety. It constitutes an important element not just for better protecting the company’s investment goods and employees on the road. Rather, all participants in traffic stand to gain from enhanced safety during road traffic. But purely entrepreneurial advantages are also obvious right here: They consist of less damage and costs for materials when it comes down to the company’s vehicle fleet as well as less and shorter vehicle downtime, fewer insurance premium payments and also reduced necessity of reserves for traffic-related fines or criminal complaints. But a related ISO 39001 certification will likewise reinforce the trust of consumers, clients, partners and the company’s employees.

The ISO 14001 environmental management standard respectively the entire issues of sustainability and environmental protection had resulted for a long time from thoughts of having to justify oneself with regard to end consumers or more generally speaking, to the very zeitgeist. But that has changed considerably in the meantime. Today, environmental management and protection are not just of high importance for the regulatory but also especially for the strategic management level. That is especially due to the multiple benefits one stands to gain here, as already stated beforehand.

Environmental protection and management are no longer purely ideologically connoted terms nowadays but they make up hard managerial facts and figures which secure the long-term success of companies in tough business environments like logistics.

The ISO 22301 business continuity management standard is another standard with great relevance to the logistics department as the old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link holds still true there. Those who have no plan for unforeseen occurrences and difficulties nowadays in an industry which is among the most critical ones in terms of time and where there is a surplus of cheap competitors actually create problems themselves.

The fallout from downtime needs to be mitigated in a targeted manner and scenarios that might jeopardize existences need to be prevented in advance and it’s best to always have alternatives at hand there. All this is vital, especially in today’s logistics. High-performance emergency management and crisis management can be very well integrated into existing processes with the aid of ISO 22301 and such emergency and crisis management also need to take into account almost all of the categories of events that might be customary nowadays and which range from IT outages to shortfalls of buildings and vehicles as well as of staff and suppliers or partners.

Quality management in the area of logistics together with the PeRoBa GmbH at Munich

The experts of the PeRoBa Unternehmensberatung (Management Consultancy) at Munich support you comprehensively with the introduction and optimization of quality management in the logistics department.

Irrespectively of whether you would like to obtain a first certification, a new certification or a conversion of existing certificates, we will be more than happy to help you with the analysis and implementation of the very quality management system which is the most suitable one for you and we will be just as pleased to assist you with the selection or implementation of suitable software or hardware systems.

We will be glad to analyze and optimize your processes, your organization and your infrastructure. We will perform internal audits, train coworkers on practically handling quality management in the logistics department and support you with planning and obtaining important certifications.

Quality management 6.0

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Feel free to ask us. Quality 4.x and logistics 6.0.

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