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Enhance your competences and implement further training efficiently in real terms with PeRoBa webinars

Enhance your competences and implement further training efficiently in real terms with PeRoBa webinars
The PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung GmbH (Management Consultancy) has been using webinars on a continual basis since the middle of 2016 in order to impart topics within companies. Due to the increasing demand, we have decided to integrate this area into our web presence as well.

What is a webinar?
According to a Wikipedia definition, the term means the following:
“A webinar or a web seminar is a seminar that is held via the World Wide Web. The term “webinar” is a neologism and a portmanteau consisting of the terms “web” (because of “World Wide Web”) and “seminar”. The term has been registered as a word mark with the German Patent and Trademark Office since 2003.”
For PeRoBa®, a webinar is an interactive audio-visual online training course which explains a special and time-limited topic to a group of 14 persons at maximum. This is supposed to make for sustainable learning success and to provide options for discussions with every single person who actually takes part in it. Participants may log in to our webinar at a specific and scheduled point in time.
They may watch the webinar from any place and on any device they want to.

What sorts of webinars have been successfully implemented thus far?
Among other things, PeRoBa® has conducted webinars on the following topics up to now:

  • FMEA harmonization, as of the VDA draft dated 2018
  • Auditing according to the “new” IATF
  • The utilization of new technologies in the area of quality management (explained by taking the example of the new iVision®-Audit)
  • The new ISO 19011, implementing audits efficiently
  • Implementing ISO 9001:2015 efficiently (explained based on examples)
  • The VDA draft on the 8D method and the most important modifications
  • And other topics from the QM area…

What sorts of requirements ought to be met?
The efforts on the part of the participants are downright minor. Technical surroundings, meaning a computer or tablet, an internet connection and a quiet room are required for taking part in such training.
Different sorts of further training webinars, like, for example, those using the “flipped classroom” method can be selected as supplements to that. For purposes of explanation, we are glad to refer to the PeRoBa webinar video published here.
The team of the PeRoBa® Unternehmensberatung GmbH (Management Consultancy) will be happy to stand by your side if you have any further questions in this context or if you would like to get recommendations for taking action.

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